What is wOBA in Baseball? How to Calculate the Stat?

What is wOBA in Baseball

In baseball, the main thing a hitter does after the ball is run towards the bases. Ever wonder the methods of each player differ from each other. Yes, the method of how they are reaching the base determines the quality of the baseball player. What does wOBA in Baseball mean? wOBA in baseball is short for weighted on-base average.

It has a formula through which the methods of players are judged and their percentages are drawn. Every batter influences their team. wOBA gives more value to the player who reaches the base fast. There are different categories regarding wOBA weighing.

A person who makes a home run has a different percentage than a person who walks. It is used to measure a player’s offensive value. wOBA is useful because it measures every method of players differently. Who created the wOBA formula? Tom tango introduced the formula in his book named: Playing the Percentages in Baseball.

How Do You Calculate the Formula?

It follows a simple formula. How do you calculate the formula? Any person can find the wOBA value of the player by using.

(unintentional BB factor x unintentional BB + HBP factor x HBP + 1B factor x 1B + 2B factor x 2B + 3B factor x 3B + HR factor x HR)/ (AB + unintentional BB + SF + HBP)

Percentages can be changed in the formula if something needs to have more weightage.

But what is the example of the formula of wOBA? On-base average is its full form. If there is a player who reaches the first plate tends to score the run less than a player who has reached the second plate. Hence by wOBA we can learn how a team can for example: A player having 350 at Bats, 35 walks, 20 doubles, 20 single, zero triple and 10 home runs then his Walks are 35*.7 = 24.5, Single 20*.9 = 18, Double 0*1.25 = 25, Triple 0*1.6 = 0, Home run 10* 2 = 20, 87.5/400= 0.219 wOBA value.

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What is a Good Player’s wOBA?

What is a Good Player’s wOBA

It is just like the grading system that we have in schools. wOBA value determines whether the player is beneficial for the team or not. It has a good player wOBA and a bad player wOBA too. So, what is a good player’s wOBA? The average wOBA value that a player has in MLB is .30. Many players have scored more than this like Christian Yelich is 0.442 wOBA. 0.4 and upper is great and below 289 is not considered good.

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How is wOBA Different from OBP?

Page Break OBP is slightly different from wOBA but the difference is relevant. How is wOBA different from OBP?. Let’s take a look.


Its full form is on-base percentage. It gives every method the same percentage, unlike wOBA. In OBP the runner who is on first base acquires the value same as if he is on second base. OBP doesn’t differentiate the two positions. It doesn’t apply to how you reached the base either by running, walking, etc. It will give you the same value.


In wOBA, the base runner scores a lower percentage when he is on first base than when he reaches second base. Hence, wOBA measures every position with different percentages. It differentiates the values of a double play and triple play.

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How is wOBA Different from XwOBA?

XwOBa stands for Expected weighted on-base Average. How is wOBA different from XwOBA? It is a projected form of XwOBA. It has increased its level. XwOBA measures the speed by which the ball was thrown, the exit velocity of the player, and the angle of the pitcher and hitter.

Why wOBA Makes Sense to Consider as a Stat?

Why wOBA Makes Sense to Consider as a Stat

Do people inquire Why wOBA makes sense to consider as a Stat? When we already have OBA it’s because wOBA was introduced to calculate what are the advantages a single player is giving to the team. When wOBA is combined with other stats it becomes more valuable to know how important that player is for the team. A triple play is considered more important than a double play while calculating the wOBA. wOBA doesn’t support all hits having a value rather than others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is wOBA Calculated?

You can calculate wOBA by the formula:
(unintentional BB factor x unintentional BB + HBP factor x HBP + 1B factor x 1B + 2B factor x 2B + 3B factor x 3B + HR factor x HR)/ (AB + unintentional BB + SF + HBP)

What is Expected of wOBA?

The expected average wOBA is .33 above this percentage. The player is either exceptional or below this, they are not good.

What Does wOBA Mean in Baseball Stat?

wOBA stands for Weighted On-Base average. It is used to calculate the value of a player towards his team.

The Bottom Line on What is wOBA in Baseball?

In conclusion, the WOBA is an important term in baseball history. Since the invention of this formula, it has become easier to judge a player’s value towards the team. After calculating it gives a percentage that allow us to judge a player’s performance.

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