The Ultimate Guide to What is TOOTBLAN Baseball?

What is TOOTBLAN Baseball

Many terms in baseball help the statistics of baseball find results efficiently. Like many other moves in baseball like palm ball, hit and run, etc have a huge contribution to baseball stats. There is also an impact of TOOTBLAN on baseball. What is TOOTBLAN in baseball? The players of baseball became curious one day about the impact poor running has on the team. To measure that TOOTBLAN was introduced. It is typically observed when the baserunner makes a poor decision in advancing a base which results in being tagged out.

What Does TOOTBLAN Mean?

What Does TOOTBLAN Mean

TOOTBLAN is a short form for a statistic. What does TOOTBLAN mean? It is short for Thrown Out on the Base paths like a Nincompoops. When Did the Acronym Come to Be? On 7th May 2008, it was named. It originated after an argument on whether Ryan Theriot was a good player or not. Tony Jewel gave it the name.

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TOOTBLAN Examples in Major League Baseball

TOOTBLAN’s most common examples in Major League Baseball are when the baserunner hits the batter. Other examples include when a baserunner tries to record an out from second base trying to score a double. One of the main examples is when a baserunner tries to advance the base and results in an out.

It also includes the incorrect running of the baserunner towards the home plate. TOOTBLAN has also considered if you as a baserunner interfere in the game wrongly. There are many other examples in baseball where the baserunners even forget to touch the base and hence, they result in TOOTBLAN. So, what are Not Examples of TOOTBLAN? It gets subjective sometimes. Suppose a baseball player tries to score from second base to home and is scored out. This is not a TOOTBLAN.

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What is the Formula for RTAOBP?

So, what is the formula of RTAOBP? Yes, TOOTBLAN also has a formula which is:

RTAOBP = ((Hits + HBP + Walks + International Walks) – (Caught Stealing + TOOTBLAN) / Plate Appearances))

Why is TOOTBLAN and The Ryan Theriot Formula Important?

Some people don’t take TOOTBLAN seriously why because they don’t consider it an important stat in baseball.  so why is TOOBLAN and The Ryan Theriot formula important? Nowadays, TOOTBLAN is considered an important stat that’s because it not only gives us who needs to be in-game but also tells us how much of a baserunner is skilled in his work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are TOOTBLAN Leaders?

This stat was started because of Ryan Theriot. All-time TOOTBLAN leaders are Ricky Henderson, Pecky rose, and Jared Hoying.

Where did the TOOTBLAN Trend Start in Baseball?

TOOTBLAN trend started in 2008 on May 7th when there was an argument going on whether Ryan Theriot was a good baserunner or not. This event had a result in the form of TOOTBLAN. It is widespread now and is an official stat to learn about the quality of the baserunner. It was named by Tony Jewel.

What is TOOTBLAN in Simple Words?

TOOTBLAN measures the quality of the baseball player. It shows how the baserunner runs during the game. It affects the baseball team. Hence from then, it is considered a Stat. It also has a formula.

The Bottom Line on What is TOOTBLAN Baseball?

In conclusion, TOOTBLAN is a stat used to measure the quality of a baserunner in the game. In baseball every step of a baseball player is observed critically so do is the baserunning. It is measured carefully how a baserunner runs during when the pitch. It was considered that this behavior of the baserunner may impact the team negatively or positively. Hence this also has the formula to measure. 

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