What is Hold in Baseball? Who Has the Most Hold?

What is Hold in Baseball

Baseball fans may have ideas of different stats in baseball like home runs, RBIs, batting averages, and many more. The hold is also a stat in baseball. Since it is new many baseball fans don’t know about this. Let’s take a look at what a hold is in baseball. Here’s what we’ll discover. 

What is a Hold in Baseball?

Hold statistic is a stat given to the pitcher when they hold the lead in the same situation. It is used to observe the performance of the pitcher. What counts as a hold? The pitcher would enter the game and lead this will be counted as a hold.

Hold in baseball is given to the pitcher to show that he is the man of the match not the starter or closer of the game. When the reliever records out and does not create a blown save, he is meant to have a hold in the baseball game. It is also denoted by HD, HLD, or H in baseball.

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What Counts as a Hold?

The hold is specially created for the relievers who don’t possess the position of a closer. What counts as a hold? The hold is counted when a relief pitcher of the game maintains the lead as soon as the next pitcher enters the game. Holds are measured for the pitchers who come before the close happens. It can be recorded from multiple pitchers in the same game.

There are many examples in the history of baseball an example of a pitcher is Jake Diekman has scored at least 14 holds in 2020. Another example is Robertson had two strikeouts and one hold. Joel Parata has a record by scoring holds in a single season which is 41 in 2015.

Why is the Hold Stat Important?

You might overlook why is Hold Stat important. It is important because it is usual to draft starting pitchers but through Hold stat, it becomes possible for a pitcher who throws during the week. It mainly gives credits to middle relievers of the game.

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Can you get a Hold and a Win?

Can you get a Hold and a Win

The simple answer to this question is no. A pitcher cannot get a hold and win the same game. This is because the win is awarded to the previous pitcher already. Hence the same pitcher who has earned the game can lose in the game too.

Can you get a Hold in the 5th Inning?

If a pitcher wants to get a hold in an inning, he must follow two rules whatever inning it is. First of all, there must be a three-run lead for the pitcher. So, can you get a hold in the 5th innings? He can have less than three or two but he must maintain that lead while recording out.

Secondly, when the pitcher enters the game, he should come with a tying run of the deck on the base. If these conditions are filled then you can get hold in the 5th innings.

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MLB Holds Leaders All-Time

Since this stat is new in baseball history. The data for this stat is a bit mixed. Who has the most holds in MLB? The MLB hold the leader of all-time is Mike Stenson with about 266 holds in total he has the most holds in MLB.

Another MLB hold leader of all time is Arthur Rhodes has about 254 holds of all time. MLB hold leaders 2022 include just a few pitchers. Fans ask who is the single-season record holder for Holds? The single-season record holder is Mike Stenson.

What is the Origin of the Hold Stat?

What is the origin of the Hold Stat? It started in 1986 when John Dewan and Mike O’ Donnel were interested in calculating the pitcher’s performance. After that, it started to gain the importance of a stat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Pitcher get a Hold and a Save in the same Game?

One cannot win the game and score a save at the same time. However, a pitcher can get a save by leading the game as soon as he enters. There must be three runs and one inning.

Is Blown Hold a Blown Save?

One can have a blown save if the lead is lost during your absence. You will tend to lose the hold but you will get a blown save. This will go same for the pitcher who lost the lead and replaced you.

How Many Innings is a Hold?

One can record a hold with at least one inning in the game. However, there are other conditions too that one should come up on too. The pitcher must enter the game leading and there must be at least three runs.

The Bottom Line on What is Hold in Baseball?

In conclusion, hold in baseball is a new stat. It is not that famous but holds importance in the game. It was introduced to measure the quality of a pitcher’s performance. Many pitchers have made a record by scoring maximum holds in a single game. Holds were first recorded in 1986. The hold is not considered an official stat but it is made for only pitchers. A player can record a hold by coming up on some conditions in the game.

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