The Ultimate Guide to What is Caught Stealing in Baseball?

What is Caught Stealing in Baseball

The act of caught stealing is prohibited in baseball. It is an act in which a baserunner is tagged by opposing team as soon as he tries to reach a base. But if the opposing team is a catcher, he has a right to tag the baserunner. There have been commendable players in the history of baseball who have reached highest percentages of caught stealing in MLB.

What is Caught Stealing in Baseball?

Caught Stealing in MLB Caught Stealing occurs when a baserunner tries to advance a base but eventually gets caught and tagged by a catcher while doing it. It is possible to caught steal a baserunner on either of the bases. However, it is a bit difficult to tag a baserunner on first base.

What is the Formula for Baseball Caught Stealing?

A formula is used to calculate Baseball Caught Stealing. Using below given formula, Baseball Caught Stealing can be calculated:

Caught Stealing / Successful Stolen Base Attempts + Caught Stealing) x 1

By this formula total number of caught stealing is divided by successful stolen bases by baserunners and then added to steals caught by the catcher multiplied to 1. By this formula we get a percentage of caught stealing.

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Why is POP Time Important for Catchers?

POP Time is a stat used to calculate a catcher’s performance. It measures his foot work while tagging a baserunner. From gripping the ball to throwing it to the base each and everything including arm strength of a catcher is measured in POP time. Catchers tend to work hard on tagging baserunners because they know its being calculated. This is why POP time is important for catchers. Moreover, you can also check out the complete guide on POP time exchange and arm strength on MLB’s official website.

Who Has the Best Caught Stealing Percentage in Baseball History?

A catcher’s caught stealing percentage revolves around the amount of times he has thrown a baserunner before the baserunner reaching the home plate. Who has the best caught stealing percentage in baseball history? Roy Campanella has the record of having 57.40% in the span of his whole career. However, there are many other players who tend to have a good percentage of caught stealing along the years. Take a look at the complete list of the top baseball caught stealing leaders on baseball reference.  

Highest Caught Stealing Percentage

Roberto Perez has the Highest Caught Stealing Percentage

Fans inquire about what is the highest caught stealing percentage in recent years? It is quite astonishing to know that the highest caught stealing percentage was recorded in 2020 even though it was a short season. Roberto Perez recorded a CS percentage of 71.4. However in 2021 it has crossed the mark of 40%. On average it goes around 30%.

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Who Owns the Most Caught Stealing Statistic?

It is said that the best base stealer tends to be the best stolen base king. Who owns the most caught stealing statistic? Ricky Henderson has the record of owning most caught stealing in the field. He also has the record of having one steal during seven consecutive seasons which is rare in American League. He has been caught stealing for 335 times. He owns a swipe of 1400 bases during his whole career in baseball.

How is Caught Stealing Different from a Pickoff?

Caught Stealing:

Caught Stealing occurs when a baserunner is tagged while heading towards the base. However, pickoff is also considered as caught stealing sometimes then how is caught stealing different from a Pickoff?


Pickoff is created as soon as the baserunner gets tagged by the catcher and he proceeds to lead towards other base. The catcher has to immediately throw a base towards the base where baserunner is leading. In this way the baserunner gets out via pickoff.

Who Records the Putout on a Caught Stealing Attempt?

The putout is awarded to the catcher who tags the runner trying to steal the base. So, who records the putout on a caught stealing attempt? The infielder in the game usually records the putout. Read the comprehensive guide on putout in baseball.

What Bases Can a Caught Stealing Take Place?

What Bases Can a Caught Stealing Take Place

It is not feasible to caught a steal in almost every base because for the defensive team some bases are difficult to approach. What bases can a caught stealing take place? Most often caught stealing is achieved through second, third and home base because they are the most common and easy to be caught. However, the first base is difficult to get.

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What Happens if there is Interference?

Caught Stealing might be interfered sometimes due to several reasons. For example if a catcher is interrupted by the umpire during the act of caught stealing because sometimes umpires bump into catchers while telling something. Hence ,this would happen if there is interference.

Can There Be a Double Play via a Caught Stealing Attempt?

Strike out is considered a double play. When a third strike occurs and hitter has recorded at least two outs a double play occurs via a caught stealing attempt in baseball. We can understand this by an example, consider if a hitter missed the third strike so its impossible for the baserunner to steal the base.

Can a Baserunner Get Thrown out on a Wild Throw?

It is common that a baserunner gets thrown out while trying to advance a base. But can a baserunner get thrown out on a wild throw? Whenever, there is a wild throw and a baserunner gets caught, he gets out and outfielder gains the putout. Baserunner needs to be conscious while stealing a base in case of a wild throw.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wild Pitch Count as a Steal?

In case of wild pitch there are two conditions, one where a baserunner tries to advance a base during a wild pitch it is not considered stealing a base. However, if he tries to advance a wild pitch during a thrown ball he is awarded with a caught steal.

Who Threw out Ricky Henderson the Most?

Ricky Henderson in his whole career had around 13 caught steals. It is surprising to know that he was caught twice in a single game. Boone threw him out in a single game. However, it was really hard to catch Henderson stealing.

What is Caught Stealing Percentage?

Caught Stealing percentage revolves around 30%. However, it has reached to a point of 70% in 2020.

Can you Steal a Base if the Ball is Caught?

Stolen base can occur multiple times during a game. If a pick-off is recorded or catcher is trying to tag the baserunner. As long as it is an unoccupied base a baserunner can steal it and as soon as he gets tagged its a steal.

Is a Caught Stealing an Assist?

Caught stealing can be considered an assist usually when an assist is recorded while caught stealing a base. In baseball some of the best players have attempted to steal most of the bases during their whole careers.

The Bottom Line on What is Caught Stealing in Baseball?

In sum, caught Stealing being an illegal act in baseball but catching a steal of a baserunner is commendable. There are hall of fame players who have achieved highest percentages of caught stealing. MLB uses a specific formula to measure the percentage of caught stealing. Except first base, caught stealing is almost easy for the defenders to do so. However, sometimes caught stealing gets interrupted by umpire. People misconcept caught stealing with putoff although these terms have slight difference in baseball. When a catcher tries to tag a baserunner each step results in his POP time.

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