What is Can of Corn in Baseball? Who Coined in Phrase?

Can of Corn in Baseball

One of the most confusing expressions in baseball is a “can of corn,” which is identical to “high shelves,” “grocer,” and “pop fly.” It doesn’t seem to be related to anything else in Major League Baseball. It appears almost like something from a food pantry. Therefore, what does “can of corn in baseball” mean, and what is its historical background? Let us dive into the details.

What Does a Can of Corn Mean in Baseball?

What Does a Can of Corn Mean in Baseball

Let us go back a few decades or so to understand. Supermarket store employees used pegs to bring stuff down from the racks in the 19th century. They’d then slip the cans off of the frame and capture them as they took a seat, frequently using their aprons. In baseball, grabbing a fly ball with a “can of corn” is referred to. The capture and the can of corn each have the same features in common:

  • Capturing anything that would be on the verge of dropping “down to the floor.”
  • The receiving technique of letting the can, or the baseball, do the majority of the effort of making back to you.
  • The catch’s normal scope for a shopkeeper was an everyday part of life, just as it may seem to a fielder.

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Who Coined the Phrase Can of Corn?

We pretty much ignored it: the notion goes back to 19th-century shopkeepers grabbing things off of the high shelves. Why a can of corn in specific? Canned corn used to be such a hot product at the grocery shop, and that is why shopkeepers would have to grab them so constantly. The decision was selective: just as capturing a can of corn from a close store is a regular habit for shopkeepers, so is grabbing a high fastball in baseball. And also, because the cans of corn were commonly accessible, the grabs were quick and easy, like if an outfielder snags a “can of corn” in baseball.

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Who Can Get “Cans of Corn” in Baseball?


Collecting a can of corn is a common phenomenon for fielders. Consequently, people referred to see themselves as standing “out there in the corn field.” It just indicates that collecting any of it was simple. Any at-bat in Major League Baseball (MLB) could’ve been deemed a possible can of corn. Or, to look at it another way, a superficial grasp.

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The Bottom Line on What is Can of Corn in Baseball?

Baseball has a long and glorious history of successful athletes, clubs, and occasions, along with some weirdest terms. Since the cans would drop off the shelves, the supermarket shop assistant will have to make a fast rescue. You’ll think to remember supermarket clerks the next time someone mentions “Can of Corn in baseball” during a match.

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