What is a Slurve Pitch? Is it a Good Pitch to Throw?

What is a Slurve Pitch

Pitchers tend to use different techniques to make the hitter out. They use fastballs and many other techniques to make their mark. As baseball tends to introduce new feats and techniques regularly. Slurve is also one of the best feats ever introduced in baseball. 

So what is a slurve pitch? A slurve pitch is a type of breaking ball that helps the pitcher knock out the player efficiently. In baseball, a slurve ball is a curved ball by the pitcher and it is slightly faster than any other breaking ball. 

What Does the Slurve Pitch Do?

The pitcher to knock down the hitter throws a pitch of 80 MPH. It is curved in a way that it tends to reach the strike zone faster. What does the Slurve pitch do? The intention is to throw the ball in the strike zone and as soon as the hitter starts to swing it should move away from the bat so that it ends up in a broken bat.

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How to Grip / Throw a Slurve Pitch?

Throwing the Slurve Pitch has a technique. Many pitchers hold different techniques. How to grip/throw a Slurve Pitch? The most common technique is to grab the ball in such a way that your index finger and middle finger are right next to each other on the horseshoe of the ball and your thumb right on the bottom. The players keep their arm position right next to the show the batter. 

How Similar is the Pitch to Other Pitches?

The Slurve pitch is not similar to the curveball because it is thrown with an inclined angle and its speed is greater than the other pitches.

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Who Threw the First Recorded Slurve Pitch in Major League Baseball History?

Johnny Sain Threw the First Recorded Slurve Pitch in MLB History

Johnny Sain of Boston Brave started Slurve pitch in baseball in 1940 when he threw a pitch with that speed and method.

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The Best Slurve Pitchers in Major League Baseball History

Many pitchers have inclined their careers towards heights in baseball as a pitcher by using slurve pitches. If a slurve pitch is attempted well and the player is skilled in doing so then they cannot be stopped Here is a list of players who have registered themselves by using Slurve pitch. The Best Slurve Pitchers in Major League Baseball History are:

There is Dallas Braden, Steven Strasburg, Yu Darvish, Kerry wood, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Slurve a Good Pitch?

The pitcher mainly hits the ball with as much force as he can. Is Slurve a good pitch? it cannot be said that Slurve is a good pitch because it is easy for the pitcher. However, it should not be because the player doesn’t tend to have an improvement.

Is Slurve a Slider?

A slurve is not a slider it is a pitch in which the baller throws the ball in a manner that it goes straight in the strike zone and moves above as soon as a swing occurs.

Is Slurve a Good Pitch in MLB Show 21?

Recently in MLB slurve is considered one of the best pitches ever. As it is a really fast curved ball.

The Bottom Line on What is a Slurve Pitch?

In conclusion, Slurve is one of the best inventions done in baseball. With time baseball has given the world many terms and many new feats. One of the best feats of baseball is a Slurve where a baseball player tends to throw the fastest ball of about 80MPH and it is aimed to throw the hitter out of the game.

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