A Comprehensive Guide to What is a Quality Start in Baseball?

What is a Quality Start in Baseball

What is a Quality Start in Baseball is a term used by Baseball pitchers. It is a term used for starting pitcher in which the pitcher after at least six or more innings allows to have only three runs. In this way, the game completes rather than a complete game.

What Is Baseball Quality Start?

Sports writer Jhon Lowe is one Who Coined the Phrase back in 1985 while writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He called it Quality Start. Since then this term has become very popular among baseball players. When a pitcher throws six innings or more and allows no more than three runs this is called Quality Start in Baseball.

When a pitcher uses seven innings and three runs, it is called a High-Quality Start. Another term used is called tough loss in which although a quality start is done but still pitcher loses the game.

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What Is The Difference Between A Quality Start And A Complete Game?

The main difference between A quality start and a complete game is explained below:

Complete Game

  1. In a complete game, the pitcher allows the whole innings to be held without caring how many times it takes.
  2. The pitcher is intended to pitch the whole game.

Quality Start

  1. In a quality start, the pitcher is intended to pitch the game until seven or more innings and three runs.
  2. The pitcher is intended to end the game as soon as the required innings and runs are achieved.

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All Time Quality Start Leaders

Don Sutton Leads Quality Start Leaders Table

Don Sutton leads with 483 quality starts, Nolan Ryan with 481 quality starts, Greg Maddux with 480 quality starts, Roger Clemens with 465, and Tom Seaver with 454 quality starts are some of the leading quality start leaders in Baseball history.

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Is The Quality Start Stat Overrated Now?

Experts have said that this is a very rare case to happen when a pitcher allows only seven innings with only three runs.

Former Pitcher Carl Erskine says that “In my day, a quality start was a complete game … you gave everybody a day’s rest.” What he meant to say was that if a pitcher allows six innings and three runs then a quality start is of ERA 4.50. Similarly, if he allows nine innings with four runs it will be a quality start of 4.00 ERA.

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Change In Pitching In Recent Years

Looking forward to the above-mentioned circumstances the critics have decided to change pitching in recent years. It has been done in a way that after two innings the starter is allowed to run with one earned run. After five innings are recorded it is considered to be a quality start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ultra Quality Start?

Ultra-quality starts in Baseball are a quality start by the pitcher in which he records seven innings and two runs are recorded.

When did Quality Start begin?

Quality Start begin when Sports writer Jhon Lowe coined this term in sports.

Do unearned runs count against Quality runs?

Quality typically happens when the pitcher records at least six innings with at least three runs or less.

What is a Quality Start MLB 9 Innings 21?

If a quality start happens in a way that the pitcher records nine innings along with four or fewer runs then it is a quality start as well as a complete game.

The Bottom Line on What is a Quality Start in Baseball?

In last, the quality Start is the term introduced in Baseball by Jhon Lowe. Quality Start typically happens when a pitcher records up to six or more innings with a record run of three. Critics criticized it as it was way different from a complete game. Former Pitchers like Carl Erskine criticized it. Still, there are a lot of players in the past that are experts in doing so.

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