What is a Putout in Baseball? What Positions Record the Most?

What is a Putout in Baseball

Putout is an out recorded by a player who is there to secure the ball, the fielder. Fielder puts out the batter or base runner by catching the ball themselves. It happens when a fielder catches the ball before the runner reaches their way. They catch the third strike.

What Is the Difference Between A Putout And An Assist?

The main difference between Assist and a putout involves a subtle difference.


  •  Assist happens when the fielder touches the ground when a putout is about to be recorded.
  • An assist is recorded as soon as the fielder touches the ball.


  •  Put out happens when a fielder catches the ball before any base runner or batter.
  •  It only happens when the fielder catches the ball themselves.

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Is A Strikeout A Putout?

Every catcher who strikes out the most is considered to have the most putouts in the game. They are always considered to have a putout for every strike out that they record. Hence, we can say that a strikeout in baseball is a putout. Certainly, a catcher is considered to record a putout if he hits the third strikeout. So, not every strikeout is a putout but every putout is a strike out.

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Positions Getting The Most Putouts In The Baseball

The positions of fielders who catch the ball after third strike and the first baseman position generally gets most of the putouts in baseball.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flyout a Putout?

It is generally called a flyout when a player in the defensive team catches the ball from third strike.

What Gets a Putout on a Strikeout?

The final strike is caught by the fielder. Putout occurs when every strike out is recorded by the pitcher.

What Catcher has the Most Putouts?

Yadier Molina holds the most records of recording putouts in the history of baseball. Last putout recorded by Yadier Molina was in the same year in 2022 on June 14th. He has a record of 14,876 putouts in his whole career.

Who has the Most Putouts in MLB History?

Jake Beckley is the king of most putouts in history with 23,743 putouts.

What is an Assist and Putout in a Baseball?

An assist is recorded when a fielder touches the ball or catches it. Whether or not a fielder touches the ball is recorded as an assist. Fielders put out balls after third strikes when they catch them.

The Bottom Line on What is a Putout in Baseball?

In sum, the term putout is one of the most important in baseball. It typically happens when the fielder catches the ball after the third strike. There is a difference between an assist and a putout. An assist is in which a fielder either touches the ball an assist is recorded. In the putout the fielder catches the ball on his own before the runner reaches their way. 

Whenever a strike occurs for the third time, a putout is recorded. Positions like the first baseman and fielder who catches the ball from the defensive team are most likely to get most of the baseball putouts. A player can learn unique putout situations to get a huge number of putouts.

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