The Ultimate Guide to What is a Blown Save in Baseball?

What is a Blown Save in Baseball

Blown Save happens when a relief pitcher enters the game in the 9th inning and allows the baserunner to score. In this way, the relief pitcher is not able to maintain the same situation. Despite his best efforts, the relief pitcher tries to save the game but he fails in it. Now the defensive team tries to go ahead once the pitcher has come it is known to be a Blown Save.

To understand this, let’s take an example to suppose a team, let’s say the Los Angeles Dodgers, is playing against the Boston Red Sox. The relief Pitcher comes into the game in the eighth inning when the Los Angeles Dodgers are on a two-run lead over the Boston Red Sox. Once the pitcher comes and he allows the home run. He will get a Blown Save. 

What is a Save Opportunity Situation?

Save opportunity usually occurs when a relief pitcher comes in between three runs lead or lesser. To record a save the pitcher doesn’t have to be on record he has to finish the game. It is necessary for him to reach the save opportunity situation by pitching at least one-third of an inning. The pitcher should be the last pitcher on the team. Keep in mind there should be at least three runs to gain the save opportunity situation.

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Can a Blown Save in Baseball Occur Before the Ninth Inning?

It is said that Blown Save occurs in the ninth inning. But can a blown save in baseball occur before the ninth innings? It can happen before the ninth inning, let’s say in eight innings. It requires a situation to understand let’s consider that team a has a lead of two runs against team b. The relief pitcher comes at that time and he allows the home run. It will be considered as Blown Save.

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Origin of Blown Save in Baseball

Origin of Blown Save in Baseball

When was the blown save introduced in Baseball? It started in 1988. It started to be used as a standard to measure baseball pitcher’s performance. It started to be used as a major standard however, it was just one of them there were other factors to look upon too. Although other standards like calculating ERA and saves are also important, Blown saves are authentic.

How is a Blown Save Different from a Blown Hold?

People often confuse Blown Save with Blown Hold. How is a Blown Save different from a Blown Hold? It differs between saving a situation vs not saving it.

Blown Save:

  • Blown Save happens when a pitcher enters the game in the last innings.
  • Blown Save is considered one of the authentic ways to measure a pitcher’s skills.

Blown Hold:

The blown hold is also a statistic to measure a pitcher’s skills but it is slightly different.

  • Blown holds are majorly used for mid-relievers. 
  • The blown hold is not an MLB recognized standard to measure a pitcher.

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Who has the Most Blown Saves in Major League Baseball History?

Who has the Most Blown Saves in Major League Baseball History

It is really hard to do blown saves. There are only four pitchers who have done this in history. The number of pitchers shows how hard it is to do so. Only Lee Smith, Rollie Fingers, Jeff Reardon, and Goose Gossage have achieved this feat. Except for Jeff Reardon, three of the players are hall of fame players in baseball.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has the Most Blown Saves in Baseball?

Since this feat is really rare, people inquire who has the most blown saves in baseball? According to stats, Joey Votto is the player with the most blown saves in baseball.

Does it Count as a Blown Save in Extra Innings?

Blown save usually happens in save situations. When the relief pitcher allows the lead.

How Do you Get a Blown Save in 7th Innings?

A player can have a Blown Save in the 7th innings too. To secure a Blown Save the relief pitcher needs to give the lead to the opponent team to get Blown Save.

The Bottom Line on What is a Blown Save in Baseball?

In Conclusion, Blown Save can be a statistic to measure a pitcher’s skills and performance. Blown Save usually happens when a pitcher gives the lead to the player who has already scored at least two runs. Blown Save is rare and there are only a few players who have mastered it.

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