The Ultimate Guide to What Does LOB Mean in Baseball and Softball?

What Does LOB Mean in Baseball and Softball

LOB is considered an important stat in baseball because it is the batter’s left on base (LOB) value and it matters for the batters. It is measured for an individual player as well as for the team. LOB pens down the number of baserunners left in the infield when an inning ends. When an individual LOB is measured it depends on those baserunners who the batter let reach the base but restricted them from the home plate. As far as the team is concerned all players’ acts of restricting the baserunners from the first base are considered a LOB. Although these are not the exact number of baserunners of each player, however, these are averages.

What are Examples of LOB in Baseball/Softball?

There are many events in baseball where you can keep track of LOB. Hence, we can drive many examples so what are examples of LOB in Baseball/Softball? Consider that there are two outs in the game and the baserunner lies on the second base. Now in the same inning batter gets out as soon as he hits a home run. When the home run is hit the baserunner scores a run. In this way, the baserunner concludes with zero baserunners in the overall game.

What are Examples of LOB in Baseball and Softball

Other Example of LOB would be; let’s suppose the hitter in the infield gets to the base. When the next hitters come, they also practice the same thing and in the end, no run is scored and there are three baserunners left in the end.

Why Do Baseball/Softball Teams Care about LOB?

Why Do Baseball and Softball Teams Care about LOB

Baseball doesn’t only depend on home runs for runs however, there are multiple other ways a team can score runs. So, why do baseball/softball teams care about LOB? This is because one of the interesting ways to score runs is to move baserunners on bases within time. The number of outs is recorded to announce the winner of the game. Hence, the LOB stat matters a lot in baseball and softball.

Does OBP Play a Role in Baseball?

OBP is considered one of the important stat in baseball as it is really critical. It is used to measure on-base percentage. Does OBP play a role in baseball? Yes, it do have a role because on-base percentage is not like the batting average.

What is the Difference Between LOB and RLSP?

What is the Difference Between LOB and RLSP

The main difference between the  LOB and RLSP are important stat in baseball. However, RLSP is considered more important than LOB. What is the difference between LOB and RLSP? We can understand the difference through an example Let’s suppose at the end of the game between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox there are only 6 players left on base by both teams. New York Yankees has 4 players in scoring position whereas Boston Red Sox have only 1 now New York Yankees are the winner.

What is the Average LOB During a Game?

In every game, LOB has an average stat. It is astonishing to know that in the shortest seasons LOB has the same average. What is the average LOB during a game? The average LOB during a game is 6.7 LOB. It remained the same from 2018 to 2020.

Is there any Connection Between Winning Games and Low LOB?

Is there any Connection Between Winning Games and Low LOB

When the baseball results are announced the teams with even records are considered to have 50% results. This means that 50% of the teams are winning and 50%are losing but that is not the case. Moreover, the fielding percentage is also really important it must be higher than the opponents. Is there any connection between winning games and low LOB?

  • Washington Nationals with 1,185 wins.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers with 1,169 wins.
  • Houston Astros with 1,159 wins.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks with 1,152 wins.
  • San Francisco Giants with 1,138 wins.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates with 1,128 wins.
  • Chicago White Sox with 1,125 wins.
  • San Diego Padres with 1,123 wins.
  • Philadelphia Phillies with 1,115 wins.
  • Milwaukee Brewers with 1,113 wins.

How Can LOB Be a Misleading Metric During a Baseball/Softball Game?

It is quite unbelievable to know that the baserunners left on the bases can leave the base before the innings end. How can LOB be a misleading metric during a baseball/softball game? There are multiple ways a baserunner uses to leave the base. Following is the breakdown of the ways a baserunner leaves the base.

Through A Putout:

One of the most common ways a baserunner can get out is by using a putout in the game. A putout is done when the catcher catches the baserunner advancing the base. In this way, the baserunner is out. We can understand this through an example let’s consider that the baseball hitter hits a double play. When the double play is scored, the baserunner tries to advance the base now the outfielder tags him and he is out from the game.

A Double Play:

When a double play occurs no one in the game is left and the baserunner automatically gets out if he is on the first base.

Caught Stealing:

Thirdly, whenever a baserunner tries to advance a base during a game he gets out and he is not counted in the LOB. It is interesting to know that the baserunners, even if they get out in the final part of the inning, they are not considered to be added to the LOB list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good LOB in baseball?

Good LOB in baseball is around 78% whereas average LOB lies at 75% and below average is 70%.

How do you calculate LOB in baseball?

LOB’S percentage is calculated through the formula (H+BB+HBP-R) / (H+BB+HBP-1.4×HR).

What does AB mean in baseball?

At-bats are the denominators in baseball at the moment when the batting average and percentage are calculated. Those players who hit in higher order are more likely to finish the season.

The Bottom Line on What Does LOB Mean in Baseball and Softball?

On the last note, like many other stats LOB is also an important stat in baseball because it gives a detailed explanation for the winning and losing teams. LOBs are the average baserunners left on base in each game. Every year LOB has almost the same percentage.

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