What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball?

What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball

The interesting term “Hitting for the Cycle” was first ever used in 1921. However, the first player to ever hit for the cycle was Curry Foley in a match of MLB in 1882. 

Does Hitting for the Cycle Mean Anything in Baseball?

Hitting for the Cycle means when a player scores all 4 hits in the same play. When single, double, triple, and a home run occur in baseball. When a player hit all of them one after the other in a single play. The player achieves the goal called Hitting for the Cycle.

Does Hitting for the Cycle Mean Anything in Baseball

Hitting for the cycle is the most intriguing achievement to occur in baseball. People wish to see that in real for once in their lifetime.

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Natural Cycle and Reverse Cycle in Baseball

Natural and Reverse Cycles in Baseball are types of cycles. Hitting for the Cycle is itself a rare feat to achieve but Natural Cycle is the most unachievable yet possible feat to happen in baseball.

Hitting a Natural Cycle

Natural Cycle is basically, a player’s skill and luck to achieve all the four hits in sequential order. So, what does a natural cycle mean in baseball? first hitting a Single then a double, triple, and home run.

Hitting a Reverse Cycle

What Does a Reverse Cycle Mean in Baseball? It is hitting 4 hits in reverse order. A player would first score home run, triple, double, and lastly single play. This task is equally difficult as a Natural Cycle. Moreover, you can check out a list of players who’s hitting the reverse cycle.

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What Baseball Player has Hit the Most Cycles in Their Career?

What Baseball Player has Hit the Most Cycles in Their Career

Hitting for a cycle for once by a pro player is the rarest thing to happen in their lifetimes yet baseball is the game of surprises as you can expect anything to happen. Even we can expect to discover new achievements as well in this game. Though there is a record of hitting a maximum of three cycles and this is what baseball players have hit the most cycles of some players in their careers?

These include:

  • Bob Musel
  • Adrian Beltre
  • Trea Turner
  • John Relly
  • Babe Herman

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Baseball Player, to Hit the First Cycle

There is an ongoing debate on this particular topic of What baseball player hit for the first cycle. To understand this there are two parties one of which supports the fact that Curry Foley from Buffalo Bisons was the first player to achieve this feat. 

Second, are the fans and scholars who believe George Hall from Philadelphia was the one who hit the first-ever. Before 1882 when Curry Foley hit a natural cycle interestingly, People don’t use to keep a record of cycles of baseballs. After this term was coined, everyone started to keep a record of it. Hall hit the cycle in 1876 according to Michael Huber, an author.

Most Recent Player to Hit for a Cycle

However, hitting for the cycle is an actual one in a million sight. Yet this has happened almost more than three hundred times. Recently, Nolan Arenado from the team St. Louis Cardinals scored a cycle. Most recently hitting for a cycle is done by none but Nolan is the last to achieve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Notable Hall of Fame Players to Hit for the Cycle?

This interesting baseball cycle trivia is done by some of the most Notable Hall of Fame players to hit for the cycle Curry Foley, Lon Knight, Bob Museal, and Trea Turner.

Has any Baseball player Hit for the Cycle in Postseason Game?

Yes, but this feat has been achieved by only one player. Brock Holt Scored for the cycle in Postseason game. He was from Boston Red Sox.

Has a Baseball Player Hit for the Cycle in an All-Star Game?

Unfortunately, as seemingly this feat is almost a miracle to happen still it happens because of how skilled the players of baseball are. However, in the All-Star Game, none of the players has ever achieved a cycle.

The Bottom Line on What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball?

In sum, the hitting for the Cycle is the most incredible and rare success to achieve in baseball. In this a player Hits a Single, double, triple and homerun in a game. Hitting a natural cycle involves hitting all three feats in a row and hitting all three feats in reverse order is said to be Hitting a reverse cycle. Only few players have hit for the cycle most of the time in the history. There is still a confusion on which player had hit for cycle for the first time.

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