What Does an Ace Mean in Baseball? What are Good Stats?

What Does an Ace Mean in Baseball

Some players play an important role in baseball, Ace players are one of them. They are the best pitchers on board so they start the game every season. Teams present their ace pitchers as their starting pitchers because they perform well and benefit their team in the whole game. There are six ace pitchers in baseball. Ace pitchers are considered unique in their work and they also benefit the pitching staff by leading them.

Has The Term “Ace” Changed In Recent Years?

Has The Term Ace Changed In Recent Years

This term has gained a lot of attention with time. In 90’s Ace pitchers used to start the game as starting pitchers but now in 2021 starting pitchers are the players that franchises choose and ace pitchers are considered elite players because without an ace it’s hard for your team to win. Hence the term ace has changed in recent years.

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Responsibilities Of A Baseball Ace

Ace pitchers owe a lot of responsibilities in baseball. What are the responsibilities of a baseball Ace? Let’s take a look.

  • Ace pitchers are well-skilled in fastball, changeups, and curve balls. 
  • They quickly put the opponent team on out so that their team members can win. 
  • They tend to perform quality pitching performances on the mound. 
  • They also start the match for World Series and playoffs.

Stat To Measure Ace Pitcher

There are several stats used to measure the credibility of a baseball pitcher one of them is WHIP. WHIP is used to measure the pitcher’s strikeouts, losses, and wins. What’s a good stat to measure a baseball pitcher? If the WHIP (Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched) stat is below 1 then a player tends to be the best. When the WHIP stat of a player decreases yearly it shows the pitcher’s dominance in the league. Now in Major League and Minor League FIP stat is used to gauge a pitcher’s performance. FIP stands for Fielding Independent Pitching.

Does Every Team Need A True Ace?

Does Every Team Need A True Ace

Having an Ace is not a need for a team but if a team owns an ace, they are probably very lucky. Every team wants to have an Ace but it’s not possible, there are only six aces in the whole baseball leagues. Hence not every team needs a true Ace.

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Who Were Some Ace Pitchers In Baseball?

History says it all there have been many commendable ace pitchers in baseball.  Who were some ace pitchers in baseball? Let’s take a look at them.

  • CC Sabathia 
  • Randy Jhonson 
  • Rogers Clemons 
  • David Price 
  • Felix Hernandez 
  • Jhonny Cueto

Modern Aces

Who are more modern aces in baseball? Modern aces include Tyler Glasnow, Jacob Degrom, Chris Sale, Klayton Kershaw, and many more.

Popular Ace Vs Hitter Moments

When a popular ace is pitching on the field the games become interesting for the crowd. There are many historical and iconic moments in history when aces have shown their skills for example when Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza were playing on the opposite team in World Series 2000. People really enjoy popular ace vs hitter moments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Pitchers called Aces?

It is believed that the ace pitcher was named before a star pitcher ASA Brainard. He was also known as Ace.

Can a Baseball Team have two Aces?

As ace pitchers are very talented hence there is a slight chance for a team to have one ace pitcher so two pitchers are extremely rare to have.

Is the Pitcher always the Ace?

The pitcher is not always the ace because ace refers to the no. 1 pitcher hence if there are a set of elite players in a team then those pitchers can be called aces.

The Bottom Line on What Does an Ace Mean in Baseball?

In sum, Ace pitchers hold great importance in a team. Although not every team gets a chance to keep aces those who have been considered very lucky because their teams have a chance to win most likely.

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