What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball?

What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball

Baseball fans might have witnessed rain delay many times in baseball. Rain Delay in baseball happens due to inclement weather during the game. Game delays and the tarp is used to cover the diamond however, after some time the game is continued. A rainout means that a game is postponed due to weather and it will reschedule some other day. Rain delays and Rainouts are important because it can be dangerous for players to play during inclement weather.

Common Names for a Rain Delay in Baseball

There is no fixed time for delays it depends on the weather. Rain Delays have many nicknames common names for a rain delay in baseball are washout, rainout, and the rain stopped delay.

Can Baseball Games Play in the Rain?

Can Baseball Games Play in the Rain

In the case of light rain baseball games can be played unless the rain gets so heavy that it affects the hitter and pitcher. Rain delay usually happens when heavy rain wets the mound too much that one can’t run on it. Secondly, if the bats get too wet it gets difficult for the hitter to hit the ball and the pitcher to throw the ball because it doesn’t incline properly in the air. However, baseball umpires usually continue the game in the ninth inning even though the rain is heavy. They consider playing over delaying the game in its last part. Hence, baseball games can be played in light rain.

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What Causes a Baseball Rain Delay?

Baseball Management needs to keep in mind the safety of players too. What causes a baseball rain delay? When harsh weather hits the ground, it becomes unsafe for the players. Hence, they have to immediately stop the game to ensure the safety and quality of the game.

Rain Delays Before a Game

Can a rain delay occur before a game? In usual periods rain delay occurs during a game however, if there is a chance for a rain delay before the game then the umpire needs to schedule a rain delay before the game. For example, the umpire sets a 2 PM EST game to 4 PM EST.

What Was The Longest Rain Delay In Baseball?

Baseball games get a rain delay usually for a few hours but there have been some events of harsh weather when baseball rain delays have gone to a long delay. What was the longest rain delay in baseball? The longest rain delay recorded was of 7 hours and 23 minutes. It was a game between Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers in 1990.

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Can A Rainout Occur In Postseason Or World Series?

Rainouts have a different impact on Postseason and World Series games. Can a rainout occur in the Postseason or World Series? A rainout can occur in the postseason but the game resumes from the point it stopped. For example, if the rain out happened in the sixth inning the game will continue the next day with the same sixth innings however, in regular series the team in lead will be considered the winner. In the World Series, the same procedure is practiced. There are many examples in history related to rain delays during the Postseason and World Series.

What Are The Baseball Rain Delay Rules?

What Are The Baseball Rain Delay Rules

Whenever a rain delay occurs the baseball field is emptied immediately while the diamond is covered with a tarp. As explained earlier it is necessary to cover diamond to protect the mud of the field from getting wet as well as protect the mound. However, the rest of the field with grass is not covered because grass tends to drain out the rainwater very well. What are the baseball rain delay rules? There are a few drops of rain delay rules to follow in regular baseball games.

  • If a batter was hitting before the rain delay and he has let’s say two balls and two strikes then the game will resume after the rain delay. 
  • When a rain delay occurs, it is usually for five minutes however, they wait for another five minutes to resume the game. 
  • Sometimes the rain delay can make a game an official game. The official game means the home team will win if the rain delay turns into a rainout. If visiting team has a lead with 15 outs then it will be considered a winning team. 
  • The game gets cancelled if the rain delay turns into a rainout within 15 outs.

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Can You Have More Than One Rain Delay In A Major League Baseball Game?

Rain delays are resumed after an hour and a half however, rain delays are not directed to have a limit in a baseball game. Can you have more than one rain delay in a Major League Baseball game? In Major League, the games can have as many rain delays as needed. There has been a maximum of four rain delays in the history of baseball.

Do Retractable Room Stadiums Have Rain Delays?

Do Retractable Room Stadiums Have Rain Delays

People might think that retractable roofs might benefit themselves from harsh weather but that is not the case. So, do retractable roof stadiums have rain delays? Retractable roofs have different kinds of problems with them for example Harsh weather can damage the retractable roof; it is easy to open the roof but difficult to close in heavy winds. There are different pros and cons of a retractable roof and there are examples in the past when the game was delayed for some time due to rain delay.

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What Baseball Stadiums Are In a Dome or Have a Retractable Roof?

It would be so unfair for anyone to go to a baseball match to come to know it’s delayed or a rainout has happened. Not many baseball parks give this information but some of them provide updates on when the park opens and ends. What baseball stadiums are in a dome or have a retractable roof? There are few baseball stadiums to have this facility.

  • American Family Field 
  • Globe Live field 
  • Minute Maid Park 
  • T-Mobile Park 
  • Tropicana Fields

Rain Delay vs Rainout Explanation

Rain Delay:

Whenever weather occupies the field the baseball management delays the game due to rain, hail, or snow. If the rain delay lasts for more than an hour it can proceed from rain delay to rainout.

Rainout Explanation:

If the weather continues to be harsh after a rain delay then a rain delay can turn into a rainout. The game is rescheduled for some other day afterward.

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What Happens If A Game Goes Into a Rainout After 5 Innings And the Game Is Tied?

Whenever a game gets suspended there is no way of continuing it. What happens if a game goes into a rainout after 5 innings and the game is tied? If a game is tied out and it gets delayed due to rain, the game gets suspended and is playing some other day.

Can a Rainout Occur Before A Game Starts?

Can a Rainout Occur Before A Game Starts

In case the weather is bad before the start of the game then the game gets delayed sometimes. However, a rainout that occurs before the start of a game can continue if the game gets too late.

Does the Home Team Have A Say In A Rain Delay or Rain Out?

Baseball played in home baseball stadiums can have a delay or rainouts according to the home team’s baseball managers. Does the home team have a say in a rain delay or rainout? According to the rule 3.10 the home team can decide whether it should be a rain delay or not.

Why is Rain Delay or Rainout A Good Thing?

Rain delays can be really important due to some reasons. One of them is the safety of the players. Baseball management has to ensure the safety of baseball players during baseball games. Secondly, baseball fans also need to get pampered throughout the game. No baseball player would want to sit in the baseball stadium while it’s raining. Hence, this is why a rain delay or rain delay is a good thing.

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Why is a Rain Delay or Rainout A Bad Thing?

Rain Delays most commonly have a bad impact on the audience and the fans. Many fans don’t get to watch the rest of the game after the rain delay because sometimes the rest of the game starts too late. Rainout also impacts the fans in a way that they don’t get to see the next game. It is most of the time rescheduled on weekdays. This is why a rain delay or rainout can be a bad thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rule on Rain checks in Baseball?

There is a proper provision in MLB that decides whether there will be a rain delay in the game or not.

Do you get your Money Back when a Baseball Game is Rained Out?

One doesn’t get his/her money back after a rainout however, they can get a rain check. In this way, they will not be charged in one of the future games.

What are Rain Delay Rules for College Baseball?

The manager of the home team decides the delay of baseball and league presidents are directed to have the final call during rain delays.

The Bottom Line on What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball?

Rain delays and Rainouts have their pros and cons to the games. Although they have a good impact on the game in terms of safety some fans complain that they don’t get to see the rest of the game.

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