The Ultimate Guide to What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball

People often credit baseball players and coaches when a team wins but no one knows the struggle that a General Manager does. It is the strategy of a General Manager that makes the team eligible to win any game. Why? Because General Managers select people to work for the team. They spend money with the owner on different people to make their team the best. General Manager connects the front office with the team.

Responsibilities of a Baseball General Manager

When it comes to a General Manager people might think there is already a manager in baseball, may be a General Manager assists him but that is not the case. So, what are the responsibilities of a baseball General Manager? There are a few important duties a General Manager does. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The owner of the particular team provides money to the baseball General Manager and he utilizes that money to make financial contracts and invest in coaching teams.  
  • Once the owner provides money to the General Manager it’s up to the General Manager to make decisions. 
  • It’s up to the General Manager to buy and sell before the MLB trade deadline reaches. They have to make smart decisions for the team at right time. 
  • General Managers not only invest in the team but they hire players and coaches for the team as well. 
  • They hire front office personnel like experts, scouts, and analysts.

Responsibilities of an Assistant General Manager

By the name, it is clear who is an Assistant General Manager. But what are the responsibilities of an Assistant General Manager? An Assistant General Manager helps out the General Manager in whatever things that he needs for example negotiating with other teams.

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General Managers Salaries

A General Manager can make more than a manager can in MLB. It’s totally up to their efforts and dedication that makes their team do their best. How much do baseball General Managers make precisely? There is no precise amount that a General Manager can make but typically a General Manager can make $500k per season and much more than that.

Brian Cashman is highest paid general manager

The highest-paid General Manager is Brian Cashman. He makes about $3 million every season. It is quite astonishing to know that Minor League baseball General Managers can make up to six figures every season easily. The lowest paid General Manager can make up to $750k per year. Hence, there is so much for a General Manager to earn.

Let’s take a look at MLB General Manager Salary List:

  • $87,500 yearly for top earners. 
  • $66,500 for the 75th percentile. 
  • $57,723 for Average earners. 
  • $41500 for the 25th percentile.

Can You Fire a GM?

For a General Manager of a baseball team, it is a huge responsibility for them to come up to all duties and keep their reputation intact. Can you fire a GM? The answer to this question is as simple as yes because any person on duty can be fired by the owner due to many reasons. There are examples in MLB like when General Manager Jared Porter of the New York Yankees was fired. He was fired because of sexual harassment with a reporter.

jared porter

As a General Manager, one can be fired due to negligence, lack of skills, lack of maintenance, and many other reasons. A General Manager has to maintain the reputation of the team along with other duties. In MLB mostly General Manager gets fired due to their bad performances. It is also quite surprising to know that MLB has fired high-profile General Managers because they lacked character.

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Baseball Manager & General Manager

A baseball manager and a General Manager may seem like they have kind of the same job but that is not the case they have different jobs to do. So, what is the difference between a baseball manager and a General Manager? A baseball manager manages the day-to-day situations in the team however, a General Manager works for the whole team, makes decisions for them, and hires people for the team.

Baseball Manager & General Manager

A baseball manager usually looks after hired people and observes the General Manager’s work. For example, Theo Epstein was a General Manager and Terry Francona was the manager of the team. Theo used to bring coaches and players for the team and Francona used to manage them daily.

Number of General Managers in the MLB?

How many General Managers are there in the MLB? As the report from 2021, there are only two teams Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies in MLB that don’t have General Managers apart from that all 28 teams keep managers.

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Presidents of Baseball Operations

With time the importance of presidents of Baseball Operations is also increased. What are the presidents of Baseball Operations? Presidents of Baseball operations tend to look after General Managers.


Who was the first official MLB GM? In MLB the first General Manager was Billy Evans in 1927.  Who was the First Female General Manager? Kim Ng of the Miami Marlins had the chance to become the first-ever female General Manager in 2020 before that she was an Assistant General Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Become a GM of a Baseball Team?

Most General Managers have started in a small post and then achieved a General Manager’s position. However, there is no particular degree to pursue general manager as a profession.

Who is the Head of the Baseball Team?

A manager is the head of the baseball team as he manages and looks after day-to-day activities in the team.

Does Baseball GMS Travel with the Team?

Baseball General Managers may work remotely but they can also have the necessity to travel with the team too. Hence, it depends on the requirement of the work.

The Bottom Line on What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

General Managers are often forgotten when people talk about winning teams. Although they are the most important part of the team because without a General Manager a team cannot move forward. From making strategies to run the team to hiring everyone on the team they are surely the captain of the ship.

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