MLB Teammate Fights | Best Dugout and Clubhouse Fights

MLB Teammate Fights

We may not have seen baseball fights as much as we see in other sports like football or basketball but after all, it’s a game and it can get physical. Professional baseball players also get into various Best MLB Teammate Fights because the season is long and grueling.

Best MLB Teammate Fights

Let’s go through some best MLB teammate fights of all time.

2019: Kyle Crick vs. Felipe Vázquez

Both Kyle Crick and Felipe Vazquez were relievers of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Apparently, Felipe Vazquez asked Kyle Crick to turn off the music he was playing and challenged him to hit him. In reaction, Crick denied both things, after that Vazquez punched him in the face. Both of them were injured and Crick was not able to continue the season due to a hand injury.

2016: Jonathan Papelbon vs. Bryce Harper

In 2016 Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper both of them were playing  as teammates of Washington National when both broke into an argument. Papelbon started the argument by yelling at Harper when he was walking towards the dugout. It became physical when Papelbon grabbed Harper’s throat and pushed him against the wall. Other teammates and management ran to stop the fight between them.

2015: James McCann vs. Jose Iglesias

The Detroit Tigers were playing for the Boston Red Sox when Jose Iglesias made a fielding error that gave the Red Sox an advantage in 2015. This made McCann furious; he confronted Jose Iglesias in the dugout when Jose Iglesias couldn’t resist so he pushed McCann back. Other teammates kept stopping Jose Iglesias but he was so furious anyhow, it ended a few moments later.

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2011: Carlos Zambrano vs. Derrek Lee

In 2011 Carlos Zambrano was the pitcher for the Chicago Cubs where Derrek Lee was the first baserunner of the game. Zambrano got upset about something from Derrek Lee when they both started an argument. The management suspended Zambrano for his behavior saying this wasn’t acceptable at all. It was unclear why he got furious; he also began slamming doors near the dugout.

2011: Aramis Ramirez vs. Carlos Silva

As many fights are temporary and don’t give permanent damage to a player’s career, this fight in 2011 gave permanent damage to Carlos Silva’s career. In the Spring Training Season, as soon as Silva scored six runs in the first innings, Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Silva both got into an argument that turned into a fight. The Chicago Cubs cut off his contract from the Spring Training Season and didn’t renew it afterward.

2010: Chone Figgins vs. Don Wakamatsu

Both Chone Figgins and Don Wakamatsu were teammates. They played three seasons for the same team in 2010. Both of them argued in the dugout that lasted in the conference as well.

2010: Evan Longoria vs. B.J. Upton

In 2010 Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton both were teammates of the Tampa Bay Rays. The argument started when B.J Upton failed to run faster on first base, this distressed Longoria and he confronted him. In reaction to that Upton became furious and the argument began between both the players in the dugout. Other teammates came to stop both of them; however, Longoria seemed less furious than Upton. Hence Upton was ejected and both were suspended for three games.

2008: Kevin Youkilis vs. Manny Ramirez

In 2008 Kevin Youkilis and Manny Ramirez both were playing for the Boston Red Sox. They were trying for a World Series repeat. Manny confronted Kevin because he used to become nervous after striking out. Kevin didn’t like that and both began arguing with each other. Other teammates came and separated them.

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2008: Matt Garza vs. Dioner Navarro

In 2008, Matt Garza and Dioner Navarro both played for the Tampa Bay Rays. The heat began between the two when Garza was pitching in the game and he gave up a home run by giving an advantage to the opposite team Texas Rangers. Navarro came to Garza to confront him when both started arguing with each other. The argument didn’t stop here; it continued after the innings in the dugout and even in the clubhouse.

2008: Prince Fielder vs Manny Parra

During a game in 2008, Prince Fielder and Manny Parra argued and yelled at each other. The argument resulted in Prince Fielder hitting the pitcher anyhow, it all cooled down when Prince Fielder apologized to the management.

2007: Carlos Zambrano vs. Michael Barrett

In 2007 Carlos Zambrano was pitching in a match between the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves when umpire Michael Barret argued with Carlos Zambrano. Their fight continued after the innings in the dugout to the clubhouse.

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2002: Jeff Kent vs. Barry Bonds

During the 2002 season, Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds were both playing for the San Francisco Giants. Both of them started the argument by yelling at each other and this continued to become a physical fight between the two anyhow, other teammates managed to calm them down.

2002: Orlando Hernández “El Duque” vs Jorge Posada

While playing together for the New York Yankees in 2002, Orlando Hernandez and Jorge Posada were both struck by El Duque, who was the pitcher at the time. They both started an argument when the umpire warned Jorge Posada that Hernandez will receive another baulk but all in vain, they didn’t stop and ended their fight in the clubhouse.

2000: Matt Mieske vs Mitch Meluskey

In 2000, Matt Mieske and Mitch Meluskey played for the Houston Astros. They both got into a fight because Meluskey missed his spot while batting so he tried to take Mieske’s spot but Mieske wasn’t happy about that so they both broke into an intense fight. Other teammates had to move them apart from each other.

1992: Lou Piniella vs. Rob Dibble

Lou Piniella was manager of the Cincinnati Reds in 1992 and Rob Dibble was a pitcher in the game. Both of them got into an intense fight because Piniella told the media wrong news about Dibble. The fight continued in the clubhouse and remained intense throughout the time.

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1989: Keith Hernandez vs. Darryl Strawberry

In 1989, Keith Hernandez and Darryl Strawberry both played for the New York Mets. It was their photo day when both began shouting at each other and the fight became physical. The fight initially started because Keith confronted him.

1978: Steve Garvey vs. Don Sutton

In 1978, Steve Garvey and Don Sutton played together for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both the teammates were best friends but they broke into a fight in the locker room because Sutton made comments about Garvey on television.

1977: Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin

In 1977 Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin were playing for the New York Yankees. The heat began when Billy replaced Reggie for not running down well. When Reggie came back into the dugout both had a furious argument. Other teammates had to step in to stop the fight.

1974: Reggie Jackson vs. Billy North

In 1974 both Reggie Jackson and Billy North were playing for Oakland Athletics. They got into a fight in the clubhouse. The fight was so prolonged and intense that a catcher hurt himself while stopping them from fighting. Anyways, the fight stopped after some time.

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1899: Elmer Flick vs. Nap Lajoie

In 1899 Elmer Flick and Nap Lajoie were playing for the Philadelphia Phillies when both broke into a fight in the outfield. Lajoie was a starting pitcher in the game. He won the first game but was knocked out by Flick. After this, they both started to fight through the rest of the World Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Biggest Fight in MLB History?

The biggest fight in MLB history was between San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves on Aug. 12, 1984. The fight started between Atlanta Braves Pascual Perez and San Diego’s Alan Wiggins and it lasted for the longest time in baseball history.

Why are there so Many Brawls in Baseball?

In baseball usually, the brawls are because a pitch tends to hit the batter often. Many other examples include brawls between baserunners and fielders. Like other games, baseball players also get physical most of the time because after all, it’s a game.

Is Fighting allowed in MLB?

Fighting is strictly prohibited in MLB. If players get into fights there are extremely bad consequences to them that can have a huge impact on their careers too. Players can be suspended from several games and even their contracts can be taken from them forever.

Why do Benches clear in Baseball?

In baseball most teams prefer to get into a fight between two teammates to stop the quarrel from rising. Hence the benches get clear because everyone is trying to stop the fight.

The Bottom Line on MLB Teammate Fights

Like other games, baseball is a game where there are numerous examples of teammates getting boiled over each other. Fights between opposite teams are common but yes there are fights between the same teams as well. Best MLB Teammate fights in baseball are due to teammates usually not appreciating other teammates’ bad performance or their reviews about them.

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