What is the Mercy Rule in Baseball? | 10 Run Rule Explained!

In baseball, there are multiple ways to end an inning or the game. One of the ways to end the game is The Mercy Rule. This rule ends the game when a particular team keeps on scoring 10 runs or more whereas the other team doesn’t end the innings. 

Many leagues follow this rule to save time from dragging the game for too long. This is done a lot of times may be because lack of competition during the game. The Mercy Rule is further explained below.

The Ten Run Rule Explained

The rule is pretty simple, it takes outcome after a certain quantity of innings, if your team is up by ten runs at the end of 5 innings, the game will be ended and your team will win, and vice versa.

The game would be over once you are winning the seventh game in the seven inning and the rule isn’t applied.

Once the game enters the fifth inning, the game is most likely to end. By application of the Mercy Rule, the visiting team can win if their runs are up to ten in the fifth inning.

Benefits of the Ten-Run Rule:

I – End Games on Time:

The Ten-Run rule grants you to finish the game within time since there is no actual fixed time for baseball. This is a plus point to ending games on time because if they are not ended on time; we could be a part of a never-ending game.

II – Pitchers Save their Arms:

The most important benefit is that the young pitchers are able to save their arms. This is very good for young pitchers because during a lop-sided game if they keep throwing meaningless and useless innings, they cannot save their arms. The arms of young pitchers are treasurable for a baseball game.

III – Prevents one Team from Running up the Score:

When pitchers cannot find any strike zones or other teams are hitting everything that can be demotivating for your team. So, this Ten-Run Rule can refrain the other team to score which is a big benefit for your team.

The Mercy Rule in Little League in Baseball:

In little league baseball this rule is also known as the Run Rule. There are two ways of Run Rule in little league in which mercy rule is applied, if your team is the home team then the innings are four and a half innings, and two and a half innings. Another variation is if your team during the game is up to fifteen runs after three innings, or after five innings there is an increase in the runs up to 10 runs the game is considered over.

The Mercy Rule in USSSA Baseball:

This rule is applied according to the duration of the game. The Mercy Rule is different in different innings especially when it comes to USSSA baseball. During a seven-inning game, there are three different types of run rules, 12 runs after four, and,15 runs after three, 8 runs after five innings.

The Ten-Run Rule in High School Baseball:

Each high school tournament may have its own rules since the games are different in each tournament. In high school baseball, the most important run rules that are followed are, 10 runs after five innings and 15 runs after four innings.

The Mercy Rule in College Baseball:

The ten-run rule in college is based on the duration of the game. This rule in college is applied after five innings. The normal innings that are in baseball are nine innings and occasionally there might be a seven-inning game as well.

Is there a Mercy Rule in AAA Baseball?

No there is no ten-run rule in AAA baseball. However, It is quite interesting to MiLB has been testing a lot of different rules that may apply to the MLB, but currently, there is no such rule.

Is there a Run Rule in MLB?

This rule is applied in little league and other tournaments as well. In MLB no run rule is followed. The games can end due to lop-sided scores or high scores but the games have never ended due to a ten-run rule.

Would ever MLB implement a Run Rule?

We are not sure that MLB would ever implement a run rule because, in MLB, we are seeing professionals playing the highest level of baseball games so no run rule would ever be applied. Baseball fans and beginners are eager to know whether there ever be this rule in baseball? Though there may be lop-sided scores no run rules are applied.

What is a Skunk in Baseball?

There is another name for the Mercy rule or the Ten-run rule. Skunk is the other name for mercy rule or ten-run rule. This is normally not used so often in official baseball however, fans in the field often use when it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trick plays allowed in Baseball?

There are different variations in baseball. The use of trick plays in MLB is considered rare. There is a hidden ball trick that has been pulled less than 300 times in 100 years.

Can a Pitcher Pitch 2 days in a Row?

Yes, a pitcher can really pitch for two days in a row but the pitcher must rest for one day if the pitcher has been playing for two or more consecutive days. This is because it can harm him.

How many balls can a Pitcher Throw?

A pitcher must throw 21 balls under 14 innings or 31 balls in 15-18 innings during a game.

The Bottom Line on Mercy Rule in Baseball

The easiest way to end off an inning is by mercy rule. The mercy rule is applied in different innings in different leagues, colleges, and high schools. There are different names for the mercy rule which include the Ten-run rule and skunk. The skunk can be considered slang. The mercy rule is not applied in MLB and there is no possibility that it may be applied in the future. Also, in triple-A, the mercy rule is not applied.

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