Home Run Apple: History, What, Why and More!

Baseball has always shown different feats and events in history. However, many significant practices started in baseball. New York City is a city that has been remembered for its different names like a city that never sleeps, The Empire City, and the Big Apple. Each name has its significance.

Keeping in mind the name of New York as Big Apple the New York Mets team kept launching a big apple prop in ballparks in New York.

What MLB Ballpark Has the Home Run Apple?

Nowadays almost every other New York Ball Park has Home Run Apple used as a prop. Nevertheless, what MLB Ballpark has the Home Run Apple? Home Run Apple was started in Shea Stadium and it remained as a prop in that stadium for the longest time in its history.

It was started in 1980 and countless times the New York Mets have magically raised this nine-feet long Home Run Apple. Other than that, a motorized apple prop is used at Citi Field in New York.

This Home Run Apple is transferred directly from Shea Stadium as now it is the official Ball Park. Now the people before entering the Ball Park take photos of themselves.

Where Do the NY Mets Play Baseball?

As mentioned earlier the home field of the New York Mets remained Shea Stadium from 1964 to 2008. After that, they transferred to Citi Field in New York. Now, where do the NY Mets play baseball? New York Mets now play baseball in Flushing Meadows. It is located at 41 Seaver Way in Queens New York.

When Did the Mets Home Run Apple Start?

It now became a tradition for baseball fans and they enjoyed having a glimpse of Home Run Apple at every home run. When Did the Mets Home Run Apple Start? It all started in 1980 and eventually, the idea went as a hit. The New York Mets decided to finish it by 2007 but it was now a significant part of the New York Mets and fans insisted to keep it.

Where is the Home Run Apple at Citi Field?

The Old and New Home Run Apple both reside in Citi Field. Where is the Home Run Apple at Citi Field? The Home Run Apple at the City Field is present on top of the batter’s eye. It is similar to both the Citi Field Apple as well as Citizens Ball Park. However, the old Apple prop is present outside the Citi Field.

What is the Tradition of a Home Run in Citi Field?

With time the Home Run Apple became a significant sign of home runs during matches in the home fields of New York. What is the tradition of a Home Run in Citi Field? Baseball fans now rely on the flashing of this huge apple whenever anyone hits a home run. Now the Apple is much bigger than the first one made for Shea Stadium in Queens New York.

Who Hit the First Home Run at Citi Field?

When Home Run Apple was installed in Citi field who hit the first home run at Citi Field? The first player to officially hit a home run was Jody Gerut in 2009 on April,13. However, before that unofficially home run was hit by Jed Lowrie.

Interesting Facts about the Mets Apple:

  • It is quite interesting to know that Apple always aroused the New York Mets. In one fine match when New York Yankees were playing as a home team. During this game, a former Mets player hit a home run. In response to that the Home Run Apple aroused halfway to avoid showing the name of the New York Mets. These are some interesting facts about Mets Apple. 
  • New York Mets tried to make everything memorable and significant when on one fine morning during the game a homerun hit the home run apple then a huge bandage was applied to the Apple to remember where the ball stroked. Other than that people chanted “we want an apple” when home run apple didn’t arouse on the home run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did they get rid of Shea stadium?

They had to demolish it to get an additional place for Citi Field. It got demolished in 2008 and after that Citi Field became the official place for it.

What is the oldest baseball stadium?

The oldest baseball stadium is Fenway Park in Boston Red Sox which was officially opened in 1912.

Is Citi Field bigger than Shea stadium?

No doubt Citi Field has now become an official stadium for New York Mets but still, Shea stadium was bigger than Citi Field having 15000 more seats.

The Bottom Line on Home Run Apple

There is no doubt that the Home Run Apple stands out as well as most wanted prop in New York Mets Ball Parks. People would come and take pictures with the huge apple. They would chant we want apple as soon as apple stopped working. All of this showed how important the Home Run Apple became for the people of New York.

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