The Ultimate Guide to Do MLB Players Pee on Their Hands?

Do MLB Players Pee on Their Hands

To become an elite player, one needs to come up with every precaution and practice that can make them the best, and peeing on their hands is one of them. Many baseball fans gross out when they hear some baseball players pee on their hands before every game so that they can play better on the field. Two of the famous players Alou and Posada have recently admitted that they used to pee on their hands.

What Does Urine Do to Your Skin?

Many baseball players do this practice in each game. Why is this so? What does urine do to your Skin? Baseball players say that doing urine on their hands strengthens their grip on the bat by toughening their skin. Scientists say urine contains urea which is prepared artificially in labs to add to skin lotions.

What Does Urine Do to Your Skin

Urine contains a relatively smaller amount of urea than skin lotions but it is a myth among baseball players that it works better on their skin. Urine produces extra collagen in your body that immediately strengthens the skin. It is also believed that urine helps in minimizing blisters on the hands.

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Notable Players Admitting to Peeing on Their Own Hands

The conversation of peeing on hands is really common in dugouts between the players. Many notable players are admitting to peeing on their own hands. These include Kerry Wood, Jorge Posada, and Jameson Tailion. Moises Alou outfielder in MLB admitted in an interview that he used to pee to enhance the grip of his hand because he didn’t use baseball gloves. He also shared the benefits of urine on the skin. Many players are open to admitting it in public.

What are the Drawbacks of Using Lotion In a Baseball Game?

Anyone, who comes to know about this particular practice of players using their pee he/she might have thought why don’t they use lotions instead of pee? Or what are the drawbacks of using lotion in a baseball game? Using lotion in a baseball game can give an advantage to the player and pitcher. It is not permissible to use lotion in the baseball game because when you use lotion on your hand the ball won’t stick to the bat. One can also slip while batting Hence, due to drawbacks of lotion players use their urine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Baseball Players go to the Bathroom during Games?

During tough and stressful games baseball players do need some time to unwind from their stress. Hence many players choose to go to restrooms or bathrooms during the games.

Does Peeing on your Hands make them Softer?

Peeing on your hands reduces the number of callouses on your hands because it has urea along with contamination that helps treat it.

Why do Baseball Players Spit on their Hands?

Many baseball players indeed spit on their hands before using new gloves. They believe this practice softens the gloves however, it has some pros and cons to it as well.

The Bottom Line on Do MLB Players Pee on Their Hands?

This might gross out many baseball fans but it’s true many notable players used to pee on their hands to enhance their grip during the game. Players do this practice because using lotion is not permissible in MLB.

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