The Ultimate Guide to Brewers Sausage Race!

Brewers Sausage Race

If you are a baseball fan and often visit a baseball stadium to watch baseball, you might have seen a larger-life sausage race. These sausages are known as Brewers Sausages. They usually come to the field at the end of the sixth innings and race. In addition, you might have seen five people wearing 7ft 3 inches larger than life costumes.

About Brewers Sausage Race Words

The sausages start their race from the dugout in the baseline near third base. They end up in the race near first base. At first sausage, the race was an animation used during the game to promote Klement’s Sausage. Then it gained attention that they made it to real life.

When Did The Milwaukee Sausage Race Begin?

It all started with three sausages: Bratwurst, polish, and Italian. Three of these sausages were used as an animation in the 1990s. The purpose of this race was to promote a sausage company.

However, it was a massive hit. In 1992, Milwaukee graphic designer Michael suggested to the team that we should transform this race into a live race. Then in 1993, they originated the sausage race in the form of mascots running on the field. Since then, in the mid-1990 and 2007, two more sausages were added to the list.

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When Does The Famous Racing Sausages Take Place?

It usually happens near the bottom of the 6th inning. Then, each sausage line-up and race start running through the home plate and reach the base. The sausage race happens at other charity events and the Brewer Community foundation. These sausages are also performed on non-private platforms.

What Are The 5 Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages?

New baseball fans who want to know about the racing sausages ask what the 5 Milwaukee brewers are racing sausages. The five Milwaukee Brewers were initially named Bratwurst sausage, Polish Sausage, and Italian Sausage. After the mid-1990s and 2007, it became five. In addition, two more sausages, Hot dogs and Chorizos are added.

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The Brewer Sausage Racers

The Brewer Sausage Racers

Let’s meet the brewer sausage racers:


The back story of Brat is that he works out daily, and he is the most aggressive member of the race. In addition, he was an Olympic trainee.

Polish Sausage

The background of Polish Sausage involves that he was a coach in high school.

Italian Sausage

Italian Sausage tends to be an audience favorite. This is because as the crowd cheers for him, he runs faster.

The Hot Dog

The funny thing about the hot dog is that he is now in the race but tends to show that he knows everything.


Chorizo is like a secret agent. He has completed his training overseas. Sausage tends to show his overseas routes.

Notable Guest Runner

The Notable guest runners are Geoff Jenkins, Mark Grace, and many other renowned celebrities who have participated in this race.

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Who Hit the Sausage in Milwaukee?

Who Hit the Sausage in Milwaukee

In these games, the opposite team members tend to show aggressiveness in the game by hitting the Sausage. Randall Simon was accused of doing such deeds in the game. He was charged about 2k of fine for doing this.

Mascot Races and Other Imitators Around the League

To know about such imitators, let’s take an example, there was a time when Philip Phanatic hit one of the three sausages who tried to come towards the home plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Become a Racing Sausage?

It’s fun to become a racing sausage. Do people ask how to become a racing sausage? One should be at least 16 years of age. He should be living in Milwaukee. They have to follow a commitment of doing at least 30 games per season.

What Innings is the Sausage Race at Millers Park?

The sausage race usually happens during the sixth innings.

What is Milwaukee Brewer Mascot?

Bernie Brewer is the Mascot for Milwaukee Brewer.

The Bottom Line on Brewers Sausage Race

In conclusion, the Brewers Sausage race was started as a promotion but ended up entertaining the crowd on the field. The race is very famous among the crowd. Every Sausage has its personality during the race.

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