What Does BB Mean in Baseball? | Base On Balls Explained!

BB is an interesting walk in baseball. Through BB a batter gets a hit without actually hitting a pitch. BB is a walk that happens when a pitcher throws four continuous pitches outside the strike zone. When the fourth pitch strikes then it automatically gives a hit to the batter. Remember these hits are not performed by the hitter at the at-bat.

Eventually, BB means walking on four bases. It is considered a walk in baseball because the hitter doesn’t walk toward the base during the game to score a run but during BB he can walk to the base. By using the BB stat, baseball officials determine the skills of both the batter as well as the pitcher. They mainly determine if the batter is efficient at throwing and if the hitter is observing the ball.

Why Is BB Also Called a Walk?

There are different ways how a baseball player can move to first base. As mentioned earlier, it can be via four pitches or most commonly performing a hit and getting a hit. So, why is BB also called a walk? BB is a walk by the hitter hence, it is called a walk.

What is the Total Bases a Player Can Take on a BB?

 When it comes to the advantage to the hitter baseball fans get confused about the fact that what are the total bases a player can take on a BB. The official BB walk only grants one base to the hitter unlike other walks like hits. This is why BB walk is not that commendable. Total bases are determined only by the total number of hits a hitter has during the game other than that they are given hardly one base.

What is the Difference Between BB, HBP, and IBB in Baseball?

The terms BB, HBP, and IBB are often used by baseball commentators during a game. These are the stats that provide a hit to the offensive team. What is the difference between BB, HBP, and IBB in baseball? As mentioned above BB means that the player from the offensive team gets a hit after four pitches going to the strike zone. HBP is granted to the hitter in form of the base because he was hit by the ball during the pitch. Lastly! An IBP is an intentional base.

Are Walks Important in Baseball?

Within the ways to score runs in baseball comes the most difficult way to score which is through reaching the base. So, are walks important in Baseball? To attain a base walk is important. This not only adds up to the batter’s performance and it also tells how well a batter swings.

The official scorers of baseball see whether the hitter has a keen eye on the ball and how well they know that swinging in the strike zone is not that important while hitting.

What is an On-Base Percentage?

When hitters successfully reach toward the base during a pitch it is added to their batting percentage and performance known as on-base percentage. What is an On-base percentage? The on-base percentage is looked after by the official scorers of baseball because they use it as a sign to know whether a hitter can make it to the base.

The batters with the low on-base average can enhance it by getting on the base. This is why sometimes getting on base is considered as important as getting a hit. BB walking is also crucial in calculating OPS. The average baseball player’s OPS and On-base percentage determine whether the player is most likely to be good at hitting or getting base via a walk.

We can understand this through an example, considering a player has 233 walks in a year. Now, this indicates he has much fewer hits than walks. So, his OBP would be around .609 and his OPS would be around 1.422.

Who Had the Most Walks in Baseball in One Season?

Each year a baseball player gets a chance to beat Barry Bonds in BB walk but he has the most walks of all time. Other than him who had the most walks in baseball in one season? Babe Ruth had the chance to have the most BB walks other than Barry Bond.

Who Has the Most Walks in their Baseball Career?

As mentioned earlier Barry Bonds was the one having the most BB walks in baseball. Other than that, who has the most walks in their baseball careers? Ricky Handerson has had 2,190 BB walks in his whole career which is somehow lesser than Barry after that Babe Ruth is the third baseball player to achieve these many walks in his whole career.

What Does BB/9 Mean for Pitchers?

A stat is kept for the pitchers in baseball which are known as BB/9. What does BB/9 mean for pitchers? BB/9 is a stat used to measure how often the pitcher has given up to the point that the hitter gets the base. Pitchers tend to lessen the percentage of the hitters reaching the bases often.

This particularly determines the effectiveness of the pitcher during the games. Baseball official scorers use KK/BB to determine whether the pitcher is pitching well or not. The lesser the percentage of the pitcher is good the pitcher is.

How Do you Write a BB on a Baseball Scorecard?

As BB is considered an important stat and it is mentioned in the official scorecard of baseball. How do you write a BB on a baseball scoreboard? During the game, the BB is mentioned on the scoreboard by the scorers. There is a distinct column on the scoreboard that shows the BB on the scoreboard.

Can a Hitter Refuse a Walk-in Baseball?

Whenever a BB walk is done the hitter has to move to the base according to the rules of baseball. Can a Hitter refuse a walk-in baseball? A hitter can refuse to reach the base for two reasons. Firstly, if it is an intentional hit by the hitter. Secondly, if the hitter eventually didn’t move to avoid the strike, then a hitter can refuse the walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BB a Hit?

BB is not a hit; however, it is a walk in which a hitter is given a base when four balls go into strike zones and if three balls go to the strike zone then the hitter is considered as a strike out.

What are BB and SB in baseball?

BB in baseball is the bases of the ball. In this, the base is awarded to the hitter whereas the SB stands for Stolen Bases. SB is the stat used to calculate the bases stolen by the baserunners.

Is a Walk a total base?

In baseball, a run and a home run is awarded to the players who tend to achieve all the bases towards the home plate. However, the walks that are not based on hits are not considered total bases.

The Bottom Line on BB in Baseball

In baseball, there are different feats introduced with time. Some of the feats have now official statistics in baseball. Just like that BB is another Walk in baseball that happens to be after four pitches going into the strike zone.

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