Baseball vs Softball: The Differences Between the Sports!

The Softball is considered a small brother to baseball. Many people think of softball as a small version of baseball and if anyone who has seen baseball for ages come to play softball. He might say I’m familiar with this game but in actuality, he is not. Although both games have many similarities there are many differences right there that make both games unique.

The similarities lie in the diamond, usage of the bat, ball, and gloves. Softball was introduced as a small extension and indoor version of baseball. It was invented in the late nineteenth century so that the players can play even in harsh weather of winters.

Now, softball has evolved to a point that it has a separate set of rules and regulations.

How many Innings in a Softball vs Baseball Game?

Softball is a relatively smaller game than baseball so, how many innings in a softball vs baseball game? Softball has a total of seven innings whereas baseball has nine innings. Baseball has to complete its total of nine innings but softball has a rule called the rule of mercy where the official game is decreased. A baseball game is extended rather than contracting in case of a tie.

Which game takes longer to complete: Baseball vs Softball?

The biggest difference between baseball and softball is the time they take to complete. Which game takes longer to complete: baseball vs softball? As mentioned above baseball takes longer to end because of nine innings however, softball takes relatively less time to complete. Baseball games last about three hours and eleven minutes, whereas softball games last about two hours.

What is the size difference between a softball and a baseball?

Baseball fans would think that baseball and softball being similar games might have the same balls and bats used. Nevertheless, they both use different kinds of balls. In terms of size, how do softballs and baseballs differ? Softballs are in bright yellow whereas baseballs are in white. Softballs are around 11’’in fast pitch and 12’’ in slow pitch softball. Softball weight revolves around 6.25 to 7 oz. However, in baseball in almost every game a 9’’ ball is used between 5-5.25 oz.

What field is bigger: Softball Field or Baseball Field?

The game of softball is faster than the game of baseball. Do softball fields or baseball fields have a larger surface area? Softball has a smaller infield where each base is at least 60ft apart whereas in baseball they are 90ft apart. They also differ in their fences softball usually has 200 ft and baseball has a minimum of 325ft distance from home plate to the fence and it goes to 400ft.

What is the pitcher’s mound difference in Softball vs Baseball?

Another major difference between the two games comes in the pitcher’s mound difference. What is the pitcher’s mound difference in softball vs baseball? There is a relatively shorter distance between the pitching mound and the batter’s mound in softball. A distance of 43 feet is the exact distance.

Whereas in baseball the distance is much higher, it is about 60ft and 6 inches away. Another major difference in mounds is that in softball the mound is not much raised which helps the players to do strikeout whereas in baseball it is much raised and the pitcher finds it difficult to have a strike.

Pitching difference between Softball and Baseball

Baseball fans might think that it is easy for softball pitchers to throw over the mound but that is not the case. What is the pitching difference between softball and baseball? Although softball pitchers have the privilege, they have to throw the baCll underhand. Baseball pitchers have the authority to either pitch it underhand or overhand. Many baseball players prefer overhand pitching to underhand.

What is the difference between bats in softball and baseball?

It is quite surprising to know that both softball and baseball bats are different. What is the difference between bats in softball and baseball? The biggest difference lies in the material which is used to make the bat. Softballs, college baseball, school baseball, and little league use metal bats.

When it comes to professional games like Major League Baseball a wooden bat is used. Another major difference is in the size of the bats, baseball bats are usually 42 inches whereas softball uses bats of 34 inches.

How do Stealing bases work in Softball and baseball?

It will be quite astonishing for some people to know that in one of these games stealing is not possible. How does stealing bases work in softball and baseball? In softball it is almost impossible to steal a base when it comes to fast-pitch softball however, a runner can steal a base in slow-pitch softball. In baseball, runners can always lead off to steal the base during the innings.

Player Salaries:

There is a huge difference in the salaries of players in both games. Softball players earn relatively less than baseball players. On average a baseball player earns around 700k$ each year whereas a softball player earns around 44k$ each year.

Frequently Asked Question

What is harder baseball or softball?

Softball unlike its name is not softer whether it is harder than baseball. It is proven scientifically through the speed of pitches and the field difference that it is much harder than baseball.

Why do girls play softball instead of baseball?

Softballs were preferred more after World War 2 and there were very few people who played baseball. This happened because the medications for the injuries from baseball were too expensive.

Who pitches faster baseball or softball?

In baseball, the pitches are much faster than in softball. For example: in college baseball, the pitch is around 59 mph to 64 mph wherein in college softball it is around 80 mph to 90 mph.

The Bottom Line on Baseball vs Softball

Baseball and Softball may look familiar to each other or for some softball, may look like a branch of baseball but that is not the case. Now softball has established its unique self as a game.

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