Baseball Stealing Bases: What is the Easiest Base to Steal?

Baseball Stealing Bases

Stealing a base can be tricky at times. A player needs to be fully trained to steal a base and to protect the base from the opponent team. This is because speed is not only the key to benefit your team one must know the technique to perfectly steal the base. The best way to teach young players how to steal a base is to practically show them different techniques in different situations in the field.

What is a Stolen Base?

One may wonder if stealing a base means physically stealing the base from the field at night without anyone knowing well! That’s not the case. What is a Stolen Base? When the baserunner carefully advances the base in which he currently resides as soon as a pitch is thrown. He advances the base without team mate’s hit.

This particular feat is known as a Stolen base. The baserunner has to be careful before stealing the base because it can make the game successful as well can ruin the momentum of the game. Can the throw beat the runner to the base but still be safe? Whenever the throw beats the runner, the tag is counted. The infielder tags any part of the runner’s body after catching the ball as soon as he reaches the base.

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When Should you Steal a Base in Baseball?

When Should you Steal a Base in baseball

As explained earlier there are various risks in stealing a base it is quite difficult to steal a second base and a third base is almost impossible because it is near to the catcher. It is easy and exciting for a baserunner to steal home base. Fans find it quite exciting to see runners advancing the bases. When should you steal a base in baseball? Let’s find out:

  • A runner needs to have the speed to steal a base, a slow runner will ruin the game’s momentum.  
  • Secondly, a baserunner must look at the pitcher if he is not focusing on the baserunner. 
  • A baserunner can proceed to steal a base if he sees that a pitcher is slower in pitching.

What is the Easiest Base to Steal in Baseball?

What is the Easiest Base to Steal in Baseball

One can steal second base with ease if he is on first base. This base is very distant from the home plate and the catcher. Hence it is the easiest base to steal in baseball.

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Stealing Home Base

It’s astonishing to know what feats can be achieved by a baserunner during the game. Can you steal Home Base? One can steal a Home Base but it’s a tricky base to steal. It takes specific techniques to make stealing this base successfully. One example from the past was when Jackie Robinson successfully advanced a home base in 1955. Can you steal on a Walk? One can steal a base by walking with the right strategy. It is comparatively easy for a baserunner to advance a nearer base than a distant one.

Who Owns the Most Stolen Bases?

Rickey Henderson Owns the Most Stolen Bases Record

Although, players shy out when they steal a base yes there are records of player who owns the most stolen bases. Players like Hugh Nicol has recorded over 138 stolen bases in just a season. After him, Rickey Henderson holds the record of 132 in a season. However, he has scored 1,406 stolen bases in his whole career of baseball.

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Double Steal

Baseball never disappoints its fans in showing new feats during games. What is a double steal? When in a continued pitch two baserunners advance their respective bases, a double steal is recorded for them. A double Steal is difficult from a single steal. Why? Because both the baserunners have to go through some conditions for example if one of the baserunners is caught or thrown out while advancing the base then in consequence stolen base by the second baserunner will not be counted as a steal.

Are Teams Stealing Bases less often?

Are Teams Stealing Bases less often

As mentioned earlier players shy out of stealing a base because if one gets thrown while attempting to steal a base, it can break the momentum of the team. With time the teams have a lessened number of stealing bases during games. So, now teams are stealing bases less often.

Base Stealing Strategy

There are a few strategy tips that a player should follow before stealing a base. Although physical training is the key to stealing but tips and tricks are also important. Base stealing strategy can include:

  • Firstly, keep eye contact with the coach to attain signals. 
  • Gage the distance between both the bases. 
  • Focus on your timings check out the pitcher’s timings and your estimated time to advance a base. 
  • Read the pitcher for example: read his body language during the game. 
  • Try to gradually accelerate from your mean position to lean your position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Steal a Base anytime?

One can steal a base at almost any time except in some specific situations. Hence, players are allowed to steal the base whenever they want.

Who Covers Second Base on Steal?

The second base is usually covered by the second baseman on a steal attempt when there is a right-handed pitcher.

Is it a Stolen Base if the Catcher doesn’t throw?

It is not necessary to have a stolen base while the catcher is not throwing toward the baserunner. Sometimes catchers don’t risk throwing the ball because the baserunner’s jump tends to be good. However, the catcher must throw the ball during an infielder choice situation.

What is the Key to a Successful Steal in Baseball?

A baserunner must have the grip on his feet position because a baserunner has to be careful if he sees any risk he needs to get back to his base. Hence his grip on his feet matters a lot to maintain his speed.

The Bottom Line on Baseball Stealing Bases

Stealing a base is not appreciated that much nowadays as it used to be back in the time due to risks associated with it. However, there used to be training and proper strategies followed by coaches to perfect their players in this specific feat.

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