BASEBALL 101: Learn the Game Over the Offseason!

BASEBALL 101 Learn the Game Over the Offseason

Baseball is a globally popular game incorporating two teams combating within the field. Each team has nine players individually. The players bat and the opponents do fielding to catch the maximum pitches. Commonly, the game takes place in a field or stadium; however, baseball parks are also the playing spot.

All players should wear their safety gear, including gloves and helmets. Overall, the genre of baseball is team-play sort. Baseball was played in England for the first time and became rampant in the entire American continent. In due course, this game was recognized as the national sport of the USA.

Typically, it is a bat-and-ball sport integrated with a lot of physical strength and venture. So you can say it is a potential activity of enormous bustle. You might be probing about baseball rules, positions, and many more. Here we will provide you with comprehensive information regarding baseball 101 for dummies. In this article, you’ll learn everything about the basics of baseball. Keep reading for more.

Basics of a baseball game

Are you a newbie to baseball or merely to know the terms and techniques of the game thoroughly? Whatever it is, you have hit it right. We will help you with everything regarding baseball for beginners.

Whether its game codes or field discipline, hitting tricks or finding a perfect spot for catching the pitches, all is given to you. Thus, spare a moment to learn how to play baseball. You’ll find the description worthwhile whether you’re a baseball rookie or a veteran player. Let’s dig into the description mentioned next.

baseball field
Baseball Field

Position of players

In baseball, the players are stationed over nine pitchers, catcher, baseman 1, baseman 2, baseman 3, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. Players remain at their respective positions, as indicated by their names of the positions, just like the pitcher caters to throw pitches at the batter. Besides there is also another position called designated hitter that is meant to hit the ball.

Gaming gear

The gear consists of some basic stuff, including gloves, a helmet, a ball, and a bat. Yet the catcher’s gear is a bit atypical of the rest. The catchers wear masks, chest protectors, and cleats.

Afterward, the team jerseys come, which is quite an appealing part of the baseball kit. Majorly, the jerseys have imprinted logos specific to each team. Consequently, baseball gear is compulsory for all players to avoid any mishaps.

Number of innings

The baseball match is divided into nine innings. In a single inning, the teams swap fielding and batting accordingly. If any team earns the highest runs in the ninth innings, it is declared the winner. While if the score ties, both teams play extra innings to win the game.


Likewise, the batter or catcher, a pitcher, is another essential part of the team. It is because they are placed to throw the ball at the batter. The pitcher tries to give it a whirl to get the batter out.

Mainly, they throw the ball after the catcher sways do so. They will be out if the batter hits the ball toward defensive players. In short, that all is about pitching and the pitcher’s role.

Game codes

To uphold game discipline, the players must abide by the baseball protocols. Firstly, the players must wear the gear on the field no matter what. Secondly, field aggression is prohibited strictly. Players should behave well with each other complying with the gaming etiquette.

Further, there must be no verbal or physical violence towards any player. Otherwise, the convict will face the music for all that. Thirdly, suppose any player is found declaring them out or running itself by hand gestures. In that case, they will probably get punished by the umpires. Lastly, players might get fined or even ejected from the game when they break the gaming codes.

Guidelines for playing baseball

Some of the basic guidelines of playing baseball will let you become a pro among experienced players. So pay attention to the basic rules given below:

Innings and outs:

The player is said to be out in different conditions, including:

  • You get tagged by a ball.
  • You can’t reach home plate before the opposite team member reaches the plate by holding the ball in your hands.
  • You try to swing at a pitch three times but miss it all three times. 
  • Once the team gets three outs, it’s their time to play defense. An inning is an end when both teams have played defense and offense, and both teams have got three outs.


The batting person gets three chances to hit the ball, but if each ball swings and misses on the pitch or doesn’t swing on the pitch, it is ruled fair by the umpire. After getting three strikes, the team receives out.

Foul balls:

There are lines on the field to connect bases. The first line connects the home plate with the base, and the second line connects the home plate with the third base, and these lines determine whether the ball is in play. It is considered in play if you hit the ball inside the baseline. If you hit it outside the baseline, the ball is called foul.

Remember, as a batter, if you hit the first and second foul balls, this will be considered a strike. And if the batter hits the third foul ball, it will be included in the foul, and now the same batter can’t get another pitch.


The unfair pitch thrown by the pitcher is called a ball. If the pitcher keeps throwing balls three times in a row, the batter can walk to first base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the catcher do in baseball?

A catcher is another significant player in baseball. They are mainly positioned on the defense side, prone to catch the pitch. However, they also control the game by helping the pitcher win at every chance.
Being one of the most demanding positions in the baseball game, they keep an eye out for the ball and beware of the opponents if they run amid the base path. In addition, they must lead the whole team appropriately. Thus, they do it by being vocal or selecting the best base keepers.
Moreover, they continually stay behind the home plate for the nine innings, checking out the base runners and grabbing every pitch. The match isn’t a big cheese as long as they perform with better hand-eye coordination. On the other hand, a good catcher is darn well able to knock out opponents in a game.

How many umpires are in a baseball game?

Usually, there are almost two or more umpires in a baseball game. However, during a season game, four umpires watch over the match. The umpiring crew consists of three base umpires and a veteran, i.e., the crew chief. All the crew wears a specific uniform meant solely for umpires.
About the positions of the crew, three umpires near the base field called base umpires as first-base or second-base umpires. Meanwhile, the remnant one is positioned relative to the base umpires. The chief will integrate the locales of the base umpires and will also guide them. In case of any physical mishap or injury to one of the crew members, the spare one will substitute for the injured.
The umpiring crew will cater to initiate the game and upkeep the discipline. Moreover, from enforcing game codes to making judgment calls and maintaining field discipline, the umpires cover all the edges nonchalantly. In short, baseball umpires take over to maintain the game’s aura latently or low-key.

Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?

Among all the baseball players, Babe Ruth is the real champ. As a remarkable player, he became a National Baseball Hall of Fame member. During his 22-year career, Babe Ruth earned a leading light with 714 home runs and 2873 hits. Furthermore, his average run is 2.28, i.e., the highest earned run in baseball history. He scored 2214 runs on the baseball field.
On that account, he also worked in affiliation with many renowned clubs like NYC Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Braves. To begin with, Babe Ruth started as an outfield player in the New York Yankees team. Afterward, he became super-famous in 1920 due to his 54 home runs. Soon he was reckoned as the greatest hitter in baseball game history. The pro player, who was only 53 years old, died of esophageal cancer in 1948. Nonetheless, he was a phenomenal baseball player of all time.


Concluding the whole discussion, baseball is the third most-played sport in the entire world. The game is all about physical action, body language, and movement. The baseball game is now played worldwide, employing leagues, tournaments, seasons, and the world cup. On the other side, it also teaches team-built planning, covering strengths and loopholes. The long and short of it is that players can only excel if they accompany the baseball rules well. 

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