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Nisr project is the ideal website for anyone who wishes to learn and seek guidance about any sports. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can seek help from nisr and learn new skills and tactics about your relevant sport. All guidelines and instructions are well informed and according to the latest advancements in each sport.

Who Is The Founder And Why He Started Nisr Project?

Wesley is the founder of the nisr project and has a great name in the sports field. Being a great baseball player, he has won big matches and tournaments of baseball. He started working on the nisr project to bring to light a platform for other youngsters and teenagers to learn from his achievements and get into it like him. Moreover, he wanted to give all teeny tiny tips and tricks to get better in this sport. He has listed all the necessary instructions and guidelines to improve your baseball skills and become a pro like him. Nisr project by Wesley is just a great deal of info for newbies, especially to tell them the basics.


Founder of NISR

Wesley is a well-known baseball player from Nashville, USA, and has won big-time tournaments worldwide. On nisr project, he serves in giving amazing baseball tips to people worldwide so they can learn more and more from his life experiences.


Senior Writer and Researcher at NISR

Ambrose is a professional baseball player from Chicago, USA, and is a well-recognized hall of fame player. He served big time in the field of baseball and seemed to be in the highlights of the news most often. Giving away his lifelong tips and tricks, instructions, and basic info is what he has to do in nisr project to make everyone aware of each and every point in this sport.


Writer and Researcher at NISR

Edward is a sports enthusiast and well-aware sports person serving his part in nisr to provide the minor details and guidelines related to baseball and other major sports.

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Well, why should you follow us? We are here to provide all the necessary information related to all sports and answer your queries regarding your issues and concerns regarding any sport in which you are interested.

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Our main goal is to help reach out to youngsters and other people who are trying to get up in sports. We are here for them to guide them and provide all the essentials and proper techniques and strategies to use all the way to result in great achievements.

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